Bring in spring with this season’s newest shoes

Celebrate the new season with the hottest new trends in footwear. Let your feet breathe with these styles for spring 2011.

After all of the random snow days and always unpredictable weather, there is only one thing that I love about the changing seasons in Michigan: new shoes!

Unlike my ever lasting closet of skinny jeans and v-neck T-shirts, shoes are one accessory that doesn’t work through the snow and sun. 

And ladies, we are in luck! Spring 2011 has blessed us with the hottest new styles and trends to accessorize our feet.

Since the latest weather patterns still aren’t very welcoming for sandals, keep your feet covered in printed tennis shoes. They are playful yet stylish with a unique pattern.

Cheetah and floral prints prove to work with a plain T-shirt and jeans or a flirty skirt and leather jacket. Whatever style you choose, your feet will be happy in comfortably cute sneakers.

To amp up style when the sun is shining on a daily basis, show off a new pedicure in wedges.

These shoes give every girl an extra couple inches in height without having to walk around like a cripple after. Even at their highest, wedges are still comfortable for those who don’t consider heels on a regular basis.

They also take a casual outfit to the next level. Paired with skinny cargos, wedges add a girly touch to army-style pants.

A light sweater and dark skinny jeans can also be complemented when worn with wedges.

Get noticed this season with bright and bold sandals. Designers everywhere are going all out designing shoes that scream “look at me”.

For those shy about taking the jump, opt for a bold sandal but in a neutral color. Like these platforms from the Jessica Simpson collection.

And for the fashionista risk takers, color is what will get you noticed.

Don’t worry about salt stains from the winter weather this spring on a new pair of espadrilles.

This latest style takes you from class to the beach with their versatile man made bottoms. Either striped, patterned or sequined, espadrilles are a comfy alternative to tennis shoes or flip flops.

For a more chic look, try espadrilles that tie around the calf paired with shorts.

A major fashion touch down on the runways and the streets this season is floral. But who would have thought that flowers also look good on your feet?

Floral sandals give an outfit an extra girly touch without trying too hard. They can be casual or dressy, depending what’s worn above.

Since spring is all about starting fresh, there’s no better way to start it off than stepping into a new pair of stylish shoes.

Say goodbye to the socks and suffocating boots, and let your feet breathe in the fresh air too!

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