Dressing the Part: Attire to Help Land Your Dream Job

Usually, any career advisor would urge you to wear a traditional suit to a job interview. Though it is a new era and some careers shy away from that, especially working in a creative field, dressing the part could make or break your interview.

So, here are a few tips and ideas on what you should wear to impress your potential employer.

1. Research – The company and attire. 

Let’s say you have an interview at Nylon Magazine. Searching Instagram for staff editors, writers and fashion directors will be essential so you can see the types of things they wear on a regular basis, and at work. Once you research what they’re wearing, you can tailor your interview outfit based off your new knowledge.

Of course, if you are interviewing to be an accountant, the rules are completely different, and that standard suit may be the option for you.

2. Shoes – Not too high, but just right.

No matter where you have an interview, make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable.

While we’re sure the five inch heels are to die for, they’re probably best for a night out with your girlfriends drinking cosmos. At the end of the day, wearing five inch heels will only make everything harder, and slow you down when you are touring offices.

3. Avoidance – Too short, too tight and low-cut.

It might seem like common knowledge, but if you can wear it out with your friends, do not wear it to an interview.

Wearing clothing that is too short, tight or revealing can send the wrong message. So, stick to those guidelines that were given in elementary school and you’re sure to not cross any boundaries.

Keep these things in mind and you’re sure to land that dream job.