Drink the Stress Away with Kombucha

Exam week is the most stressful week of the whole semester. Final projects are due and studying has to somehow override everything else happening in our daily lives.

Stressful times like these only come every so often, but can easily drain your mental state and also harm your immune system in a short period. There is no time for anything but greatness and success during your last week of the semester, so drink your problems away the right way with Kombucha beverages.

Kombucha is a naturally fermented probiotic drink. The unique beverage contains microscopic living enzymes that are good for the the digestive system. Aside from loving the gut, live probiotic drinks help to stabilize moods. As well as calm the nervous system, resulting in a clearer mind.

Because the drink is fermented, it has a vinegar-like after taste and a funky smell. But, don’t let this turn you off, because Kombucha comes in various flavors and forms.

Original Kombucha contains high-alcohol content and is only to be purchased by those of age. Now, the variety is larger, and most Kombuchas sold in stores are lower in alcohol content and can be bought by all ages. While some Kombucha is disguised as a chia-seed drink, which creates a super-food drink with a gel-like consistency with a mild taste.

Kombucha can also come in the form of a tea, making the experience more calming (especially during a week filled with exams).

If you are feeling stressed out, or are just in need of a mental boost, look for Kombucha in grocery and health-food stores near you. They can easily be found because of their flashy labels and glass shape bottle. Some of the top brands that sell these delicious drinks are GT’s Kombucha, Kevita Masterbrew Kombucha, Live Kombucha Soda, Reed’s Kombucha and Unity Vibration.