Every Guy Should Own: A Good Bottle of Cologne

We’ve all smelled it. Walking down the hallways, sitting in class, standing in an elevator. Rank cologne.
Quality cologne is a must have for men. Not only does using a nice scent help make a good impression, it leaves you looking more attractive as well as leaves a subliminal “signature” with whoever you encounter.
In other words, finding the right fregrance is one of the keys to looking (and smelling) your best.
No one wants to smell bad, but unfortunately a lot of guys do not know how to pick suitable everyday cologne. In fact, many mistake the good stuff for products that smell cheap and unattractive.
When you go to purchase a cologne, look around the store and decide if it really is somewhere you should be buying a scent. It is recommended to buy from department stores like JC Penny, or beauty stores such as Ulta. Stay away from purchasing cologne from drugstores. If you can buy your favorite candy and your cologne in the same place, you need to rethink your standards for fragrance.
Ask the person at the beauty counter for advice when finding a scent- they know what they’re doing. Generally speaking, the people who work behind the counter can show you the best deals when purchasing cologne, as well as help you identify the kind of scents you like.
When you find a fragrance you like, stick to it. A lot of people seem to struggle with this one, but I think it is one of the most important rules.
Continually wearing a scent makes people equate the smell with you- creating the “signature” I mentioned earlier.
Never douse yourself in cologne. Men’s cologne tends to run on the strong side, and wearing too much can take you from fragrant to overpowering in one extra spray. A general rule of thumb is one or two sprays should do the trick.
Look for fragrances that come in sets with complementary aftershaves, deodorants, or body washes. That way some of your grooming products come in the same scent and then you are not mixing a lot of different smells together- which even with the best cologne can become an unsavory smell.
Don’t be afraid to splurge. Most quality fragrances cost a little more than most of us are comfortable paying- but if you use them in moderation (like the one-two spray rule) they will last longer and smell better than anything else you could purchase.
Remember that the most important thing when picking a scent is that you love the way it smells. If you don’t absolutely love a fragrance, it probably isn’t worth the investment. There are thousands of products available and there is bound to be one that suits your nose and your personality.