Fashion at Your Fingertips

Nail art has become one of the most important accessories for any outfit. Learn how to spice up your wardrobe with this quick and inexpensive trend.

Katelyn Kelly shows off her nail art. (Tanya Moutzalias | Grand Central Magazine)

Needing an inexpensive, effortless accessory to complete an outfit?

The solution is in your hands, literally. Ranging from intense nail art to intense nail polish colors, this trend is something that is inexpensive and can work for anyone.

Fashion designers recently have started spending more time perfecting nail color and/or design on models before hitting the runways during fashion week. Celebrities are sporting this look too, all the way down to 10 year old, Willow Smith.

Stylist Luca Harino reportedly spent a day and a half creating the press on nails for Smith’s debut music video, “Whip My Hair”. Most of us don’t have that amount of time or money to spend on our nails; here are some inexpensive do-it-yourself alternatives.

Stickers aren’t just child’s play anymore; Sally Hansen has created a collection of Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips, basically stickers for your nails. This collection offers a wide selection from basic nail colors to nail art; animal print, patterns, and glitter.

Claire’s,  4116 E Blue Grass Road, offers similar products. There is a small selection but definitely worth checking out.

The nail art strips are similar to Sally Hansen’s; glitter, animal print and rhinestones.

For someone who is more adventurous and artistic, you can create your own look. Sally’s Beauty Supply,  4122 East Blue Grass Road, offers a great selection of nail decals and nail gems.

Additionally, nail art pens easily create prints and designs that will make anyone’s nails stick out.

All of these products can be found at various Mount Pleasant retailers. Following the latest trend has never been more accessible and inexpensive

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