Hot or Not: Wearing tights in the winter

Girls love to wear skirts and dresses year round, but when winter comes it can be difficult to do so without showing too much skin. One way to accomplish this is by wearing tights.

The fabric is thin enough that it won’t make your outfit look too bulky, but also thick enough to make sure you are not underdressed.

Girls use to wear them all the time when they were younger, but have they grown out of this trend? Guys give their opinions.

“If they’re comfortable and classy, then wear them,” Nick Jaros said, a junior form Riverview.

“I like them,” Rick Adams said, a sophomore from Livonia. “I don’t want girls to be cold while walking to class or going out at night, so they are good.”

“They help show the girl’s style,” Luke Bently said, a freshman from Auburn. “Girls shouldn’t show too much skin in the winter, and tights are a good why to keep covered.”

“Tights are OK,” Ethan Miller said, a sophomore from Bad Axe. “They should be a simple color, like black, instead of the bright ones, but overall I’m not a fan.”

“As long as the tights are not too distracting, they are good,” Logan Steel said, a sophomore from Grayling.

“I think tights are too fancy for class,” Jacob Lee said, a junior from Hartland. “They are good for going out on the weekend.”

“I like tights,” Ian Nelson said, a senior from Ortonville. “They help show the girl stand out when other girls wear sweatpants.”

Verdict: Tights are a good thing to wear in the winter. They not only help keep us warm, but let us express our style.


Photo credit: Christiana Kurtz