HOW TO: Knit an infinity scarf

It’s getting to be that time of year where everyone is bundled up in their hats, gloves and scarves just trying to keep warm. Better make sure your accessories are cute.

Infinity scarves have become a trend on campus, and it’s no wonder why. They keep you warm and have a unique design. That is just what you need for those cold winter days.

If you know how to knit, this will be easy. If not you will learn how to knit today. Lucky you!

You will need a pair of knitting needles and yarn for the scarf. You will probably need about two balls of yarn, since an infinity scarf is longer than usual. Also realize that the thicker the needles you use, the bigger the holes will be. Choose a medium-sized needle, such as size 13, for a scarf that has small enough holes to still keep you warm.

There are basically two steps to this: knit a scarf and then tie it together. Simple, right? But only if you know how to knit. For you beginners, here are the steps:

First, make a loop around the knitting needle. From there you will make more loops around the needles. You will probably need about 10 to 15 loops total depending on how thick your yarn is.

Now onto the actual knitting. This may be confusing at first, so a few practice stitches may be in order before you start your scarf. Take the other knitting needle that hasn’t been used and stick it through the first loop of the other needle.

Wrap the extra yarn in between the two needles, then take the needle and place it over the yarn that is between the two needles but through the yarn that is wrapped around the first needle. (Need more help? Check YouTube for a tutorial)

Keep doing this until the scarf is halfway down your thigh (or however long you wish it to be). To end the scarf, you will be doing similar steps as before.

Knit two stitches like you normally would, but before you add on a third, slide the first loop over the second loop, making there be only one stitch on the needle. Continue to do this until you have one stitch left. Take the last loop off and take the extra yarn and tie a small knot on it to finish it off.

There, you have your scarf! Now to make it an infinity scarf is quite simple, just sew the two ends together.

This is a perfect way to keep warm during cold Michigan winters. Get a cup of tea, turn on a movie and knit what is soon to be your favorite accessory.