How To: Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

With the passing of each year comes a clean slate and often, the infamous New Year’s resolution.

Whether it’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing or something you want to be better at, New Year’s resolutions are always a hot topic of discussion come January.

No matter the resolution – if you’ve vowed to eat healthier, stop a bad habit or see the world – click each number to see how to stay on track this year.

1. Dieting, eating clean and staying healthy.

This resolution seems to top the charts every year. Dieting, eating clean and staying healthy are resolutions for many who have decided to put their personal health before all else this year. “Women’s Health” magazine has just the thing for students who are looking to better themselves while balancing hectic academic, work and personal lives. A quick 15-minute workout and some healthy recipes can do wonders for someone with big dreams, but little time.

2. Quit smoking.

Since the habit of smoking puts a major dent in your wallet and is a danger to your health, finding the means to quit during the new year is also a common resolution. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created an effective resource list and gives tips on developing an effective quitting plan.

3. Travel more.

For those of you who are addicted to exploring and adventure, traveling will likely be a huge part of your 2015. While expense poses a problem for most travel bugs, Pure Michigan has created a list of non-expensive “Cool Spots for Cool Days.” Follow this list for adventure time hidden gems that won’t break the bank.

4. Spend less time on social networking sites.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? When you rang in the new year, did you post a picture online, update your status or message a friend? For those who are addicted to social networking, it may be the year to step back into reality. “Fortune” magazine put together testimonials of the valuable lessons people have learned from taking a hiatus from their online lives. If you need a little inspiration to jump start this resolution, check it out.

5. Wake up earlier.

Sleep is a time to regain strength, relax and rest our bodies. However, some of us may take advantage of this and spend a couple of extra hours in our beds. “Forbes” magazine has composed a list of benefits to being an early riser and the healthy impact it has on our lives. Next time you reach for the snooze button, think twice about benefits you’re missing out on.