HOW TO: Survive finals without losing style

By this time of year, nobody gives two hoots about how they look. It’s cold, finals are coming up, and most of us are so sleep-deprived that we’re lucky to roll out of bed and make it to class on time.

At this point in the semester, your typical college student looks like this: sweats, slipper boots, a messy ponytail, and a coffee cup permanently attached to the hand.

Fashion is just not a priority during finals week. There are more important things to worry about, like finishing up final projects and studying for the last round of tests before break.

But that doesn’t mean you should completely let yourself go.

While it’s true a cute outfit will not help you figure out the right answer on your COM final, dressing up a little can help to boost your confidence and keep you feeling a little more awake and alert.

Even if you’re running off of two hours of sleep and don’t feel up to an elaborate outfit, these tips can help you out. The secret is to adjust your outfit in baby steps and remember that being comfy doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style.

Start with the go-to outfit of sweats and a hoodie with, of course, slipper boots.

First, try to step up your ensemble by trading your sweats for leggings. (Later, if you’re up for it, you can trade your leggings for jeans).

Next, swap your slippers for some equally comfy UGG boots or, if you’re feeling ambitious, consider throwing on a pair of ballet flats or some tough boots.

After that, hide your oversized sweatshirt in your closet for a more stylish sweater. Look for an off the shoulder style that will still be comfortable but incorporate some glamour. Long wrap sweaters are always good with a pair of leggings as well.

Once you have the basics of an outfit that is comfortable but still has elements of style to it, it’s easy to add accessories that personalize it and give it a step up from the traditional sweats and hoodie that characterize finals week.

Throw on a long whimsical scarf for something more laid back, or add earrings and a necklace to give your outfit a touch of glamour. Make sure you personalize your accessories to accent your style.

Now take a look in the mirror: you’ve transformed from an exhausted college student to an exhausted college student with a sense of style.

The coffee, of course, is still attached to your hand. That goes without saying.