How To: Survive Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Valentine’s Day sets high standards on romance for couples. It also makes single men and women aware that they don’t have a partner on a day they supposedly should.

But who says this day has to be filled with dread for the singles? No one should feel ashamed of their single status – in fact, they should embrace it.

Celebrate solo:

  1. Show your friends and family that you appreciate them. Give them homemade cards and some quality time.
  2. Go out on a “date” with some of your other single friends.
  3. Settle down with a lot of candy and spend the evening watching romantic movies. See which one makes you sick first (this also has potential to turn into a drinking game).
  4. Devote time to a neglected hobby – or take a trip to the gym to de-stress.
  5. Treat yourself. Do something that makes you happy (heck, buy yourself some chocolate).
  6. Go about your day as you normally would. This day may be special to some people, but for you it can just be a typical Saturday.
  7. Wait until after Valentine’s Day to go on a shopping spree for the chocolate, candy and wine that has all gone on sale.

Avoid these temptations:

  1. Calling your ex on Valentine’s Day? Never a good idea.
  2. Don’t go on a first date or a blind date – this day just comes with too much pressure.
  3. Don’t tell someone “I love you” for the first time simply because it’s a romantic holiday.
  4. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Get out of your romantic slump:

Being single doesn’t lessen your value. It’s easy to feel out of place on a day when couples seem to be everywhere, but use this opportunity to be thankful.

If you feel like you need help getting out of that sad and lonely phase, here are some tips:

  1. If you’ve broken up with someone recently, think about the reasons why you broke up – and why it was the right decision.
  2. Remember, it’s a silly holiday and you shouldn’t feel inclined to date if you haven’t found the right person.
  3. Make a list of the good things about being single.
  4. Make another list of why you’re awesome.
  5. Then finally, make a list of the people and things in your life that you are grateful for. Instead of pining for stuff you want, it’s important to appreciate what you have.