How To: Switch Styles With Your Roommate

Sometimes we all get in a “style rut ” – that is, sick of the same, boring makeup, hairstyles and outfit choices.

Instead of scouring through Pinterest or flipping through magazines to find style inspiration, look a little closer to home – your roommate. Whether you’re different or alike, take some cues from her style to use in your own daily routine.

To test this myself, my roommate, Grand Rapids freshman Molly Stull, and I decided to switch styles for a day. We’re talking hair, makeup and clothing choices. We aren’t extreme opposites style-wise, but it was interesting to see the different routines we each go through every morning.

Step One: Observe her beauty routine
Check out what products she uses and how she uses them. Molly is amazing at contouring her face, so I watched her do it one day to find out how to do it myself. I always put blush on, so she had to observe to me see if she could carry this over into her routine.

Step Two: Check out her closet
See what type of clothing is in your roommate’s closet. If she wears lots of prints and you don’t – try that out for a day. I wear a lot of black and gray, while Molly wears bright colors and bohemian-type clothing.

Step Three: Try it yourself
Ask your roomie for help when trying out new hair and makeup techniques. Whether it’s something you’ve had trouble with, like lip liner, or something you’ve never tried before, like winged eyeliner, keep an open mind. Same goes for trying a new hair style – ask for help with the curling wand or straightener to see how she styles her hair.

After switching our styles for a day, we both found it fun and interesting. I learned how to overdraw my lips, while Molly learned how to get beachy waves. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It’s good for your look and a great way to bond with your roommate.