HOW TO: Wear your eighth grade jean jacket

Fashion constantly sees a recycling of past trends. Lately, one may notice oversized glasses, a throwback to the frames of the 80s, sheer silk shirts that bring to mind the 60s, and also jean jackets — a trend that was big in the 90s and early 2000s when most of us were in middle school.

Luckily for some,  jean jackets are still hanging in closets.

Remembering that fashion is a cycle, everything that once went out of style eventually comes back in. The model to the right is wearing a jean jacket she’s had since her 13th birthday, seven years ago!

But the question is, how to bring that 90s style to present day?

Back in the good ole days, we wore jean jackets over our clothes as a layering piece to stay warm. Once you got to school, your jacket stayed hidden away in your locker until recess, though now the jacket is more of a statement than an essential.

A good way to incorporate your jean jacket into your outfit is to pair it with trendy modern pieces, such as a tight pencil skirt. The model to the right is wearing her jean jacket with a white tank top and a gray and turquoise striped skirt, both from Forever 21. Wearing the classic jacket with a trendy piece helps to modernize it as well as give the skirt a more casual feel. Other trendy pieces that would go well with a faded jean jacket are sundresses — and yes — sheer silk shirts.

Another way to modernize your jean jacket is to pair it with statement jewelry. A chunky necklace and an armload of bracelets would give your jacket a contemporary feel, as would an oversized pair of earrings with a matching ring. One of the great things about jean jackets is that they are like jeans — people notice you’re wearing them but don’t give them a second glance, making them a great way to showcase some of your louder, more attention grabbing pieces.

However, others take their jackets and incorporate them in different ways.

Nicollette Brown, a junior from Armada, loves her jean jacket.

“I wear mine old school,” she said. “My Converse, a band tee, and my jean jacket and I’m good to go.”

And has she had hers since eighth grade?

“Yes,” Brown laughs. “I’ve had mine for longer than I care to say.”

Following her example, many students choose to pair their old school jackets with other, equally old-school pieces. A classic way to wear your jacket, like Brown does, is to pair it with flat shoes such as Converse sneakers or ballet flats and a retro T-shirt.

So whether your style is retro or modern, high fashion or laid back, jean jackets are a great add-in to any outfit. They work with just about anything you could throw together, and they last forever. Consider it an investment piece, because in ten years you’ll probably still have it, and it’ll still be classy.