As the days are starting to get shorter and the temperatures are beginning to dip, one thing is on most hunters’ minds, rifle season is almost here.

The season officially kicks off on Nov. 15th and lasts until the end of the month. Some hunters have been going for many years, while others are just getting into the experience. For those who aren’t as experienced, it is always good to have a few tips before setting out on what many have called “addictive” and “ingrained in Americans”.

The number one thing to remember is that even the most experienced hunters don’t bag a 12 point buck every time they go out, deer are elusive and you shouldn’t expect instant success. Also, as busy as our lives are, you should go out at least two to three months in advance to find a good looking area of woods to hunt from. Look for deer droppings, trails, and rubs on trees from the antlers of bucks who are ready to please the female does. If you think you are on someone’s property, always get their permission in writing and carry it with your hunting license.

After the preparation, the 15th will come and you are ready to go out. Hunters should always wear blaze orange vests or jackets. This is an important piece of equipment to ensure your safety to other hunters. If you think the color orange would give you away to deer, you shouldn’t worry, deer are colorblind. When choosing a weapon, rifles and shotguns are the most popular. The most popular rifles are usually either 30.30 or 30.06. It should be known that rifles are only permitted north of Bay City, due to the large amounts of farms north of the city. If a shotgun is what you choose, 10 or 12 gauge “slug” guns are the most popular.

After you have chosen your gun, you should practice shooting from different positions and angles because you never know when the deer will come and should be prepared for anything, especially during sitting and waiting periods. Hunting is not for the fidgety. Deer have been known to have terrific scent detection, so cover-up products are helpful. Just spray a little on before going out and also avoid eating strongly scented foods in the morning like bacon or onions. It is very important to get an early start, get up and be out maybe 10 to 20 minutes before sunrise so you can plot your own spot.

Hunting has been practiced for generations in this country and if you follow a couple of these tips, success should come as well.