Manage Black Friday without a black eye

Black Friday, the most anticipated shopping day of the year, is fast approaching, and now is the time to get mentally prepared. This year, many stores like Target are opening their doors during the early evening of Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day. As a result, Thanksgiving dinner and family visits may get cut short this year. However, as a solution, take your family with you as you hunt for the best deals of the holiday season. Before you head out, take these five tips into consideration to make the most of your Black Thursday/Friday experience.

Get some sleep

Sleep should be your greatest priority before heading out for Black Friday shopping. The success of your trip is greatly based on when you get to your shopping destinations, which can be determined by whether or not you get an adequate amount of sleep. In more cases than not, waking up and heading out early (or logging onto Amazon) will allow you to gain access to the best deals and selections as well.  So, plan your Thanksgiving dinner  accordingly, so you can plot out late-night shopping destinations as well.

Dress in layers

You should obviously dress warm to offset the cold weather you’ll face waiting outdoors in long lines. However, bulky clothing isn’t the answer. Black Friday shopping can be more physically exerting than shoppers anticipate. Bulky clothing, like chunky sweaters or large coats, will keep you warm when necessary, but can become cumbersome and uncomfortable when you begin to shop. Try wearing a lightweight tank top, and put a t-shirt or sweater over it. Essentially, adding light layers is key. This will build a wall against the cold that will be easy to peel away as necessary. Also, leaving bulky clothing at home will make trying on clothes much easier.

Wear comfortable shoes

Black Friday shopping has the potential to be an all-night ordeal, with a lot of standing up and walking around. However, choosing your shoes wisely can turn the ordeal into a more pleasant experience. Lightweight shoes are best, as heavier shoes will require more work to walk in. Consider wearing lightweight shoes made of flexible material that allow your feet to breathe. Shoes with adequate heel support, like walking or exercise shoes, are good choices. They will perform well while supporting both your heels and arches. When looking for style and comfort, try flats or boots with half-inch or 1 inch heels, which will aid in preventing that burning feeling in your calves from fast-paced walking.

Make a list

Know what you will be shopping for by making a list of items you plan to buy. Consider the most important items you want to purchase when making your list. A list of priorities will also keep you from giving in to tempting sales and low prices. Don’t crowd your mind with every item you would like to buy this holiday season; allow yourself to spend money on what is important, instead of spending money for someone’s gift on a spontaneous purchase. Get in and get out.

Plan your trip

As mentioned before, planning your shopping trip before you head out will help alleviate stress and confusion, as well as overspending. Do research on your favorite stores to find the best sales. You can also use your list of important purchases to help plan your trip. Both methods of planning will allow you to determine if shopping online is a possible alternative to going to some stores. Based on what you plan to buy, and from where, look for the best deals to decide what you can buy online, and what you will go hunting for. Furthermore, planning will allow you to determine whether you should bring cash or your debit or credit card. Bringing more money than necessary can promote frivolous spending. Thus, knowing how you will spend can save you money.

Photo credit: Target, Google Images