Med students cherish free time with their rigorous

In the average week of a medical student, there are 28 hours of classes, three hours of job shadowing and about 30 hours of studying. Med students eat, sleep and breathe their curriculum and all for good reason  — they are the future of medicine.

So where does a med student find time to relax? Wherever they can.

“Free time is incredibly important to me,” med student Trista Osantoski said. “We’re not machines, contrary to popular belief. I have nights that my close friends know I’m unavailable because I set time aside just for me.”

Although these students go through hectic and demanding schedules, there are ways to ensure they have time to relax.

“Time management,” med student David Hales said. “If  you manage your time properly, you’ll have time to hangout with your friends and relax.”

For fun, Hales enjoys hunting and fishing with friends and family.

Osantoski enjoys a good book, her favorite television shows, such as “Survivor,” which she has watched since the first season, or a session of hot yoga.

“It’s so great for stress management. We’re in a high stress environment, so taking time to step back lets me work so much harder when I get back down to it,” she said.

Finding those precious hours of relaxation is gold to any med student. The times when they can unwind and de-stress helps them manage the crazy environment of the medical world.

(Photo | Claire Abendroth)
First year graduate student David Hales enjoys hunting and fishing with friends and family with his free time. (Photo | Claire Abendroth)

Unlike the undergraduate community where students are intermingled with a plethora of majors, these med students have the opportunity to live and study alongside those who are going through the same course load.

“It’s so much easier to stay on task when everyone around you is doing the same thing,” Hales said.

Osantoski said they’re all in the same boat.

“It’s really nice to have other people who understand exactly what you’re going through,” Osantoski said. 

With such long hours, medical school takes focus and drive. If a student does not want it, they will not succeed.

“It’s not a bad thing,” Osantoski said. “But you also really have to want it. It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie to you. You have to look at your priorities and weigh whether or not this path is right for you.”