Men: Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram has become a popular form of expressing style and fashion. Both men and women spend a lot of time checking out the latest trends worn by their favorite fashion gurus and celebrities. Men take just as much pride in looking their best as their female counterparts, so fellas, this article is for you.

Continue to look sharp every day with these five style-captivating Instagram accounts.

1. Pharrell Williams @pharrell

We mostly recognize Pharrell for his money-making music (and his buzz-worthy hat choices), but he has set himself apart by being a fashion icon for men. His style is cool and intriguing in the menswear department, so look to his account next time you’re in need of some inspiration.

2. Street Etiquette @streetetiquette

This Instagram account is pretty self-explanatory – it puts a spotlight on unique individuals and their special styles. On this account, you can expect a little bit of culture, urban looks and a lot of eye-opening mens fashion.

3. Mathew Zorpas @mathewzorpas

The men at Central Michigan University will appreciate this account. If you want to do big, creative things, then Matthew is the one to follow. This trend-setting man has an expensive mentality that translates into his wardrobe. He makes statements when he leaves his house with top-notch tailored suits that are sexy and sleek. Take some notes from Zorpas before attending your next career fair, boys.

4. Nordstrom @Nordstommen

This account is perfect for college men on a budget (aren’t we all?). Look fresh and put together with these affordable looks that range from casual to classy.

5. GQ @gq

Trying to amp up your sexiness factor? This account can get your started. It’s no surprise what an impact GQ makes on men. The sophisticated and eye-catching photos give fashion-forward advice for men during all seasons of the year.