MidMichigan Body and Soul Festival

Open Grove Society helped orchestrate the 2nd annual Body and Soul Festival

Most students went to the homecoming game, but some walked the other direction towards Finch Fieldhouse on October 10.

The day started early as group members shuffled in to help vendors set up, finish posting last minute flyers and address any last minute problems.

Slowly and steadily, the day evolved with wanderers looking at booths, purchasing natural and holistic gifts of strong smelling homemade soaps, creams and various incenses. Some stayed and auras were photographed; others got their ears candled.

Bolder people participated in the universal dance of peace even though some admitted to missing some of the steps.

Nobody was bitter about the turnout. They danced anyway. The belly dancers perked the attention of the sometimes busy vendors, peaking out of their booths, if only momentarily, to see what mystery had appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Psychics sat at their tables waiting for customers patiently, watching the all-day event pass in the back of the setup.

Members met later that night after the last of the public left, the vendors tents were torn down, the curtains and tables carefully put away. They recalled over hot food at IHOP. Everybody agreed happily and quietly, most in rasped, weary voices that it was a good day indeed.

GCM photos by Zach Morrell and Ryan Karolak