Packing in style

Do you tend to over pack? Three Central fashion students share their packing tips so you can bring your perfect wardrobe anywhere.

With spring break approaching fast, it’s time to grab your SPF, a compact carryall and those perfect versatile garments so you can let your beach waves down. Three Central Michigan University fashion students share their tips and tricks on how to travel in style.

Staying stylish on spring break is no sweat when you follow these savvy packing tips and tricks.

Start first with packing smart. Junior Shelby Philips knows that planning outfits around pieces that intermix well provides the most fashion flexibility.

“I try to pack main items like tank tops, shorts, skirts and plain t-shirts that I know I can accessorize with and change it up to create different looks,” Philips said.

For Senior Jason Gagnon saving space in your suitcase ensures you’ll have plenty of room to bring back newfound treasures.

“I always leave room for what I know I will purchase while on the vacation. I love shopping in new areas and adding these garments to my wardrobe. It makes you feel closer to the new area,” Gagnon said.

If packing light isn’t your forte, Senior Jenna Timm encourages you to invest in compressible bags.

“These bags shrink a big stack of clothes into a thin, lightweight space,” Timm said.

Everyone’s forgotten a basic here and there — toothpaste, deodorant, or a pair of shoes — but there’s nothing worse than that gut-wrenching sensation when you realize you’ve left behind that one item you can’t live without!

Timm’s must-have is a fabulous pair of wedges to complete her spring break ensemble.

“They’re much easier to walk in than heels and look great with shorts, skirts or dresses. I also love a vibrant scarf to bring in a pop of color; you can wear it around the neck, use as a headband or even accessorize as a belt,” Timm said.

Gagnon’s main pieces for vacation are a chapeau, voguish walking shoes and of course, an abundance of tighty whities.

“I cannot run out of underwear or I will freak out!”

To spice up a predictable spring break wardrobe, experiment with a new trend or rock a show-stopping swimsuit by the sea.

For Phillips it’s all about the latest swimwear whereas Timm finds inspiration from stylist Bobbi Thomas for a new spin on the classic cover-up.

“I would love to buy a cute pair of black crochet pants as a swimsuit cover-up.”

Gagnon’s spring break wardrobe will focus on color blocking.

“I can see myself rocking a pair of shorts in Pantone’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango, a mint t-shirt, neutral toned blazer and some sandals while traipsing along the beach. Whether or not someone wants to see my ghost white legs is another story!”