Inside GC: the Photo Team Recaps their Spring Breaks

Read on as GC’s photo team shares short photo stories about their 2018 Spring Breaks.

Kayde Hambaum | Photo Editor | Macomb, MI

Jobs apps, interviews, and a whole lot of third wheeling. My spring break kicked off with working the CMU Mac wrestling tournament with ESPN3. I headed to my hometown after a long weekend of filming for job interviews and family time. While being home, I spent most days third wheeling with my sister and her boyfriend. We went to local cider mills, ate way too much food, and braided each others hair (hence the photo of the hair braiding train). Although it wasn’t somewhere sunny and most days were not nearly as productive as they could have been, it was a pretty awesome spring break.”


Xavier-Thomas Mendoza | Photo Editor | Grand Blanc, MI

“So for the first weekend of Spring Break, I took a solo trip to the Upper Peninsula. I drove around and took picture of famous sights like Tahquamenon Falls and Kitch-iti-kipi. I logged 928 miles and it was great. After working for a week, I also drove to Detroit this weekend to shoot a music video and I took pictures for this a restaurant named, ‘Golden Bangkok’ and its soft opening. Then, most of Sunday I helped my cousins move out of their house to their new one. It was a great but chill break!”


Aubry Healy | Ludington, MI

“My Spring Break was supposed to be a week of hiking and relaxing. It actually resulted in my phone breaking on Friday with no way to contact family and friends to tell them I was okay in light of the tragic events on campus. When I finally got home, I spent a well-needed evening bonding with my co-workers. I work at a photography gallery, and since we are all photographers, shooting the sunset was the perfect way to start a relaxing week.

After several stressful conversations with Apple and Verizon, I finally got a new phone. Then I lost my wallet. It had all forms of identification and credit cards. I lost my apartment key, student ID, license, credit and debit cards, and more. I then spent the next few days replacing those items and taking unexpected trips to the emergency room.

Once I finally had replaced most of the lost contents of my wallet, I was able to go on a long hike with my dad, where I sprained my ankle.

The best part of my break was getting a new camera! This was an absolute dream! My camera has been falling apart and after more than five years of loyalty to my Canon T3, I got a Canon 5D Mark IV. Though my break was not the relaxing time I had imagined, I did get to spend the last few days hiking my favorite places in the Ludington State Park and photographing friends.”


Tristan Hagenstein | Fenton, MI

“My spring break was pretty relaxed for the most part. Didn’t do anything too exciting, however I did enjoy the time off. I decided to get a new haircut and go a completely different direction in my style. I also went to the gym a few times, trying to get myself back in shape again. Some of the more fun things I did was go to a couple local Hockey Games (Flint Firebirds) which was a lot of fun, as well as going to the movies a couple times too. Other than that, I caught up on some much needed sleep, and I’m looking forward to finishing off the second half of the semester strong!”

Dominic Perales | Holland, MI

“During spring break I decided not to go anywhere fancy and chose to stay home to spend some time with friends from high school. We did the usual things that we always do such as hiking and going out to eat. Our favorite place to hike is the Saugatuck State Park, where we usually go to the beach on Lake Michigan.”


Madeleine Garlisch | Chicago, IL

“For my spring break, I went to Guatemala and Belize with my dad and my brother. I stayed in Antigua, Guatemala from March 1st to March 5th where I hiked up a 13,000ft volcano named Acatenango and stayed overnight on top and hiked back down the next day. My dad, brother, and I then traveled on an overnight bus to Flores, Guatemala and took a shuttle from there to Tikal, Guatemala to explore the Mayan Ruins and camp there to watch the sunrise the next day. We then traveled to Belize City and took a water taxi to San Pedro, Belize. In San Pedro, I went snorkeling and was able to swim with sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, fish, manatees, and see the beautiful coral reefs.”


Rickey Portis | Ypsilanti, MI

“I was sick for most of my Spring Break so I mostly stayed at home and relaxed. I did hangout with friends, like on Wednesday I was in Ann Arbor with my friend Tyler. We bought ramen at this  restaurant called the “Slurping Turtle”, after that we went too the  Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room and hung out there for a while. Besides that I didn’t do anything. I just enjoyed my time off and watched movies and played video games with my younger brother Nelson. So all in all it was a good break, I slept a lot, hung out with friends and spent time with my brother I say it was good break. “