Q&A With Lash Esthetician Shay Hollandsworth

Story by Camryn Smith

Photo courtesy of Shay Hollandsworth

Former Central Michigan University student, Shay Hollandsworth, is a lash artist based in Mt. Pleasant and runs her business through her Instagram account. Hollandsworth will begin esthetician school in the upcoming months. She has been running her business since July 2020.

On average, how many clients do you see in a week?

Currently, I see about 20-25 clients a week. A majority of my clients I see in a week are getting their lashes refilled.

How do you advertise your business?

I think my best advertising comes from my work. I always gain clients from people seeing others with lashes done by me. I also stay active on my Instagram page and try to follow girls in the area.

What made you want to become a lash artist?

I always get my own lashes done and always loved them. I then became in love with the idea of giving lash extensions to other girls.

What is your future goal for your business?

My goal is to keep trying to perfect every set and keep growing. My long-term goal is to become an esthetician. I don’t want to just specialize in lashes, but I will still offer the service.

How do you determine pricing?

My pricing is based off of experience and lash type. The volume set is currently the most expensive set I offer at $85. I will raise my prices as I see fit to my work.

What are your most popular lashes?

My most popular lash sets are classic and glamour.

How long until a client needs their lash extensions filled?

Typically, fills are between two to three weeks. This also depends on the client’s aftercare. If a client touches their lashes more with their hands, they will need a lash fill sooner. This is due to the oils on the hands that makes lashes fall out easier.

Shay Hollandsworth Instagram: _lashedbyshay