Shoe Diversity On Campus: These CMU Students Have Got Sole

Story and photos by Alayna Fiel

One example of diversity we often overlook on Central Michigan University’s campus is the footwear students choose to dress in.

Diversity on campus comes in many forms such as majors, hobbies and cultural backgrounds, but shoes tell a lot about who someone is, where they come from, and where they’re headed.

When was the last time you noticed someone’s shoes?

Show Time:

CMU freshman Patrick Judge proudly sports his custom Nike Blazer ’77s.

“I’m on my way to the one in-person class I have, so I like to have the shoe and dress up a little,” Judge said. “I bought them a while ago because I thought they were nice.”

All the Gibbets:

CMU sophomore Jordan Carney takes the opportunity to display some of her favorite interests through her many croc accessories, also known as gibbets.

“Usually I have fun socks with them, but today I was lazy,” Carney said with a laugh. “I was a swimmer in high school so these were the most convenient shoes to wear, now I have them in blue, green, red, black, maroon for Central, I have candy cane ones for Christmas that are fuzzy.”

Recycled Fashion:

CMU freshman Ellen Bedford began thrift shopping to get the on-trend look she desired, while saving her bank account.

“I refuse to buy anything first hand, so I actually got these for $40 from my friend who never wore them,” Bedford said. “They’re pretty expensive, so I got a great deal for them!”

Heavy Duty:

The icy February weather calls for extra layers for CMU sophomore Emily Martin as she braves the cold in her favorite steel toe boots.

“Honestly, I really like steel toe boots, they’re pretty comfortable,” Martin said. “They were on sale too for the holidays, I really wanted them so I got them.”

Comfort for Class:

Among the variety of shoes that step foot on campus, many students like senior Steven Barber opt for the laid back, classic sneaker to attend in-person classes.

“I’m not afraid to get these shoes dirty,” Barber said. “They’re quick and easy to throw on for class.”

This is just a glimpse of what it’s like to walk in the shoes of the students here at CMU.