Six easy ways to wear your Greek letters

Fall is a big deal to a lot of girls, and not just because of yoga pants and pumpkin spice lattes. It’s the time of year they can join a sorority and find a sisterhood like no other.

You can’t go a day without walking on campus and seeing girls in Greek letters. There are so many ways you can incorporate it into your everyday attire, including the typical shirt and bag.

Here are a few ways to showcase your letters with pride.

  1. Tank tops – Don’t get your average tank top to wear your letters. Make it unique by getting one that has more flow with a racer-back. Putting your letters on front is a sure way to stand out! This is good for all seasons because it is cute by itself, but when it gets cold you can keep warm by putting a cardigan over it.

  1. Shirt with pockets- While pockets on shirts may not excite you, this actually makes your letters stand out. Getting a plain white shirt with a different color pocket on it (Or even patterned- Chevron looks nice and is very trendy right now.) draws attention to what is on it. Get your letters embroidered on the pocket and suddenly your white shirt is much cuter!

  1. Hair bow – Even your hair accessories can show your love of your sisterhood! Hair bows are a cute way to pull your hair out of your face for class and now a cute way to show your letters. Get them embroidered on a corner of the bow and pull your hair back with pride.

  1. Hat – Everyone has those bad hair days where they just throw a baseball cap on their head and call it good. So why not get a baseball cap with your letters on it? Suddenly bad hair days seem cuter!

  1. Shoes – Ever get tired of your white pair of Keds? Paint them with your sorority letters. You probably can’t wear them with a lot of outfits, but for sorority events you will have the most spirit.

  1. Canvas – Who says your bedroom can’t show off your letters? Buy a canvas for each letter you need, decorate them and hang them in your room with pride. Glitter is a must for this project.

One thing to remember: Always make these projects in your sorority’s colors.

After seeing your cute new ways to wear your letters, all of your sisters will want you to show them how you made them. Possibly a craft night is in need.


Photo | Christiana Kurtz, Staff Photographer