Student Style Spotlight: A Style Spectrum with Bryan Caragay

Central Michigan University’s campus serves as a runway for the everyday fashion lover. Forget magazines and paparazzi shots – the real style icons can be spotted walking to class.

Grand Central caught up with Canton, Mich. sophomore, Bryan Caragay, for an inside look on his personal style.

Some days, Caragay can be seen sporting a beanie, graphic T-shirt and one of his many pairs of Vans – his day-to-day casual staples.

Opposite Sides of the Spectrum

Although comfortable pieces are part of Caragay’s wardrobe, he enjoys surprising people with dressier looks, as well. On a day-to-day basis, his style changes, ranging from street-wear to business casual.

Caragay describes his style as a spectrum.

On days when he’s headed to work on web programming for CMU’s university staff and global faculty, Caragay assembles an outfit that is boardroom ready.

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By throwing on a crisp dress shirt, slim tie and nice pair of pants, Caragay not only looks professional, but he says he also feels ready to take on any challenge throughout the day. The style efforts have also caught his boss’ attention.

“My dad has always said dress for the job you want. My boss definitely has noticed, because I’m the only person in the office who dresses up,” Caragay said.

Caragay suggests that students consider dressing up for their jobs. Standing out to your employer can open doorways to new opportunities – perhaps even a raise.

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Shopping With a Purpose

With a summer internship approaching and as a new member of the entrepreneurship fraternity, Epsilon Nu Tau, Caragay has begun to slowly expand his professional wardrobe.

TJ Maxx is a staple for most college students while shopping in Mount Pleasant, and Caragay is no different. He says he enjoys the variety of brands available, and the massive selection offered.

(Photos | Hailey Polidori)

Caragay’s key to building a professional wardrobe is keeping his pieces diverse and interchangeable. Bright colors and sleek designs catch his eye while shopping, and ultimately allow him to mix and match throughout the week.

Strategic Accessories

When returning to the casual side of the spectrum, Caragay’s favorite purchases are beanies and shoes. He remains loyal to his favorite brands, including Neff and Vans.

Outside of the office, you are bound to see Caragay rocking a beanie on his head. This accessory adds edge to his look and controls his unruly hair.

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“One of the reasons I started wearing beanies is because my hair was always sticking up,” Caragay said.

Ball caps and snapbacks have never worked, but beanies serve as the perfect replacement to hair gel, and give him some signature spunk.

Layering a variety of bracelets adds dimension and personality to Caragay’s daily look. He always has on a few unique pieces, some of which are made of leather, adding a cool texture to his sleek fashion.

Caragay says he rarely draws inspiration from others. One exception is Casey Neistat, an Internet content creator, social media company owner and director.

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Neistat’s fashion appears rather hectic and unorganized, yet still maintains an effortless flow. Caragay admires his work and unique sense of style.

Live While You’re Young

At the end of the day, whether he has on a shirt and tie or tattered shoes, Caragay remains true to himself. His dueling styles allow him to have the best of both worlds, and look great while doing it.

He capped off our interview with encouraging words to all college students.

“Have fun with what’s available to you. Change up your style – you’re young now.”

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(Photos | Hailey Polidori)