Student Style Spotlight: Brennan Edwards

Story and Photos by Hailee Kaske

Stylish students roam Central Michigan University’s campus, and they all have a story to tell. Grand Central caught up with Brennan Edwards, a fashion-forward sophomore studying fashion merchandising.

This Grand Rapids native has always considered fashion a creative outlet in his life. Edwards describes his style as “refined street style,” but is advancing more towards “grown-up” pieces free of logos. He draws his street-style inspiration from fashion icons like Kanye West, ASAP Rocky and Jacob Keller.

Edwards started to explore his creative side in middle school and expressed it in many different phases. As a young teen, he says he wore “the loudest shoes:”gold, and even bright pink with tiger stripes. Although others have thought his style outlandish, he stayed true to himself and his own style.

Now that he is a fashion major, he’s exposed to more designers and pays attention to detail. He pulls inspiration from designers in the programs at Central Michigan University and is excited for what the future holds with his fashion career.

“I would say I have a creative personality and it reflects in my style and taste for clothes. I wear what I like and that’s really it.”

Edwards is interested in jewelry as well. His jewelry is something that defines his personal style. “Without accessories, your outfit is boring. It adds an extra layer into your outfit.”

“There have been times in my life where people wonder why I am a guy and  into fashion,” he said. “It bothered me at first, but I learned to not worry about other people’s opinions. You can’t really worry about what people think. You need to learn to dress for yourself and do what makes you happy.”