The Emerging Trend in Menswear: Joggers

They look like dress pants, feel like khakis and fit like a baggy pair of sweats – joggers embody all types of pants men wear and look great on every guy.

This latest trend in menswear is being rocked by guys everywhere, but there are some factors to consider when sporting this unique type of trousers.

We have some tips for men on how to pick out and rock this trendy pair of pants.

Choose the Right Size

Men, please take the time to pick up and try on the right size of joggers. Yes, it will take a couple extra minutes, but the result is worth it in the end.

The waist and inseam will not be the same as your jeans. Since joggers are cinched at the ankle, pants that are too big will result in too much fabric around the foot. On the other hand, anything too small will be too tight.

Make sure the pants fit properly at the waist so there is no obvious looseness or bulge.

Material Matters

It’s important to create your desired look around the material of the pants.

Some joggers are made from the material of sweatpants, which is mostly cotton with some polyestor, and others can be similar to a pair of chinos, which is 100 percent cotton.

Don your sweatpant joggers with a T-shirt or hoodie for a casual look.

Clean up your look for a dinner date or special event with chinos joggers and pair them with a nice shirt or button up.

Footwear Coordination

Shoes are what pull your entire look together – look for footwear that is comfortable, stylish and flows with the whole look.

Boots that meet the joggers above the ankle allow for calf socks to peak above the top of the boot.

Sneakers and Vans need a crew-cut sock for a neat and put together look. Whichever look you wish to achieve, joggers are a guy go-to, no matter the occasion.