THREADS Designer Spotlight: Kimmi Hodson

Read about how your favorite THREADS designers find their inspirations and get the sneak peak on what to expect at this year's Threads fashion show, April 16, 2011.

Kimmie Hodson's collection will be featured in the Threads fashion show on Saturday. (Ashley Guza | Grand Central Magazine)

Apparel merchandising and design senior Kimmi Hodson made a memorable first time appearance at last years THREADS, with models dancing down the runway, spoofing the YouTube video sensation, “JK Wedding Entrance Dance.”

This year, Hodson is ready to make her second appearance with a collection inspired by housewives.

“Basically, decades of housewives modernized,” Hodson said. “A lot of them you can see what decade or style of inspiration they came from. They all don’t seem to be related, but they do all share the same concept.”

Hodson started doing the designs and then noticed that everything looked like a pinup housewife.

The transition from last year to this year has been huge. Hodson enhanced her design techniques, completing her collection by patterning and draping everything herself.

Accrediting advanced skills to having taken the draping class, once she completed draping, Hodson then had to pattern. In addition to raising the technicality of construction, Hodson also designed five more looks than her line in last year’s show.

“I completed eight different ones from pattern making class,” Hodson said. “Five from draping, and then I completed two designs independently.”

Six of the outfits were done last semester, which meant that Hodson only had two to do this semester.

The collection features an assortment of colors such as, silk champagne, black midnight, dusky mauve, olive green, nautical navy, snow white and fire-engine red, with a variety of textiles as well.

“All of the fabric is from Jo-Ann’s, and technically all polyester,” Hodson said. “But with the way technology has evolved, the fabric has more of a silk appearance.”

Hodson also used fabric from a recycled dress and two skirts for the romper. What ties the line together is that the fabric is a really classy satin sheen, and the cameos, each look has at least one.

The collection is scheduled to walk second at the show and Hodson has big expectations.

“It’s going to be a big show,” Hodson said. “The lack of theme allowed for more creative freedom from designers, and switching the location to the New Events Center, gives us more space. I just hope it all goes off without a hitch.”