THREADS Designer Spotlight: Natalie Araujo

Senior designer Natalie Araujo hopes the nostaligic essence of her '70s inspired collection will excite the audience at the THREADS 2012 Fashion Show.

The THREADS Fashion Show is quickly approaching and designers are scrambling to finish up their last garment or put the finishing touches on their collection. Being halfway through her collection a few weeks ago, the ‘queen’ of the 1970s and senior designer Natalie Araujo shared her expectations and inspirations for her collection.

Araujo was inspired by the ’70s dance club era clothing, such as the fashion at Studio 54.  She studied Bianca Jagger and Halsten’s clothing and stated they are the “epitome of dance hall clothing.”

Her favorite garment in her collection is a black cocktail dress with a sequin overlay.  She is obsessed with it and said she would wear it out now if she could.

Her pieces are predominantly jersey knit, utilizing basic colors and shying away from prints.  She also said that she loves the look of chiffon, but it is very difficult to work with.  Her collection incorporates a lot of metallic details and sequins, which she had never worked with much in class, but enjoys now.

Senior Elizabeth Thompson models designer Natalie Araujo's gold strapless dress that will be featured on the Threads runway, April 14, 2012. (Brooke Whitten | Photo Editor)

Araujo was hesitant to answer the question about her favorite designer, but finally said Jason Wu.

“He takes a new approach to the modern look.  It is classic and it’s unique, but it’s still very much in tune with the woman’s body. It’s classic and elegant, and I think I relate to that.”

Araujo said her favorite style of clothing is always changing, but she is more of a clean-line, modern type of designer.  She likes things on the simple side, but still elegant.  Although her collection is inspired by the ‘70s, her favorite era of fashion is now.

“I like the movement of fashion.  I like taking pieces from history and making them modern,” Araujo said. “I like a different look on history.”

After graduating this May, Araujo said she will be spending the summer with her cousin in New York looking for jobs. She would love to work for a designer that she could be proud to work for.

In a few days, her Studio 54-inspired collection will be showcased on the Threads runway and everyone will be able to see how fabulous the 70s really can look when put into the right hands.

Come view Natalie Araujo’s fabulous collection of jersey, chiffon, sequins, and silhouettes and bring out your inner diva!