Trend Report: Wearing leather in the spring

Spring has officially sprung and so has everyone’s wardrobes.

While you may be reaching for your pastels, florals and shorts, try not to overlook other pieces in your closet because you think they aren’t in season. It is all about mixing and matching and one of the biggest trends is bringing back leather from the fall. It may seem odd to wear such a heavy fabric during the warmer months, but if you pair it with bright colors and delicate fabrics, your leather pieces will take on a fresh new look.

First, find one leather piece in your closet to pair with other things. Try to only wear one leather item at a time to make it look less winterish. Make sure to incorporate spring trends to keep the look up-to-date. Leather looks amazing with bright colors, sheer tops, floral print and lace.

A pair of leather leggings would go great with a pastel flowy top or a fun slouchy sweater. This is the perfect lazy day look when you want to look pulled together without trying too hard. Pair it with a light scarf and some sandals to complete the look.

Leather coats go with basically anything. To make the look more season appropriate, keep your top delicate and your bottoms light colored. A black or brown leather coat would complement a lace top and pastel pink jeans.

If you’re going out at night and feeling sassy, try a pair of leather shorts. They are fancy enough for the occasion and unexpected. Wear the shorts with a long sleeved blouse for coverage and wedges so the look isn’t too much. Keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum so the shorts are the main focus.

Another great going out outfit is a dress with leather accents. These are no brainers since you don’t have to put an outfit together, but they still are fun and pretty to wear. Places like Forever 21 have inexpensive ones with cute cut outs. Since it covers up a bit more, try rocking it with studded silhouettes.

The last option would be for those who don’t want a bold leather look. So many stores are selling basic shirts with leather sleeves to ease your way into the trend. The leather detailing isn’t too much and since it’s just a basic T-shirt, it can be paired with anything. If you’re going to wear it with black leggings or darker jeans then have your shoes, purse or accessories be in a pop of color to keep the look from being boring.