What Do Guys Really Think?

We like to think guys like the way we look... but that isn't always the case. Danielle Tuckfield sent guys to the polls in this article about commonly disliked fashions.

When getting ready for any occasion the most common thing a girl does when she is finished is ask another female how she looks.  With asking a girlfriend for advice on your outfit, you can usually be confident in their honest opinion. However, the same does not always go for the guys’ responses.

Sometimes a guy can feel obligated to cohttp://gcmag.org/wp-admin/post-new.phpmpliment a girl, no matter what he really thinks.  A poll of 5 of the most common fashions by girls was taken by 100 males on CMU campus. The different styles included: leggings, flats, Ugg boots, dark nail polish and hair bumps.

The most liked style by males polled was leggings. 60 percent of males said they liked leggings on a girl. However, many of them suggested it depends on what type of body the girl wearing them has. Others said they liked them more when girls wear leggings dressed up. Sometimes leggings with t-shirts can change the guy’s opinion.

Common footwear worn along with leggings is often Ugg boots. Oddly enough, the most disliked fashion turned out to be Ugg boots. The results came back with 59 percent of males disliking the boots.

“I think they look ridiculous. I don’t get why girls think they [Uggs] look good,” Junior Colin Anderson said.

Another common shoe style commonly worn by ladies is flats. Most males felt indifferent about flats resulting in a 49 percent. However, they were more liked than disliked. A majority of the guys polled said that heels were a better option when wanting to look dressy, but frankly, none of them really seem to notice or care much about flats.

Dark nail polish is another trend came out indifferent, 49 percent of males said they didn’t really care about the color of a girl’s nail polish. The one’s who disliked a darker color said that classic reds and pinks were more appealing. On the other hand almost an equal amount of guys liked the dark nail polish trend that has started over the past few years.

Another fashion seen on campus is the hair bump, also known as the “poof”. This trend was the second most disliked item by males with 38 percent.  Many said the fashion was “okay,” if the poof was small, instead of taking over their head.

“They aren’t anything positive. They aren’t cute, pretty or classy. The best way to describe them is awkward or goofy,” Junior Robert Gloria said, agreeing with the other 37 percent of those who disliked the popular hairdo.

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