What to Wear Here: Campus play

If you want to be seen in the crowd or simply dress down, going to a play is always an enjoyable event. There are no rules when it comes to how you want to dress to a play; it’s whatever you feel. A play is one of many places to show your true sense of style. Whether going to a Broadway play in New York or a play on campus, the theater is a wonderful place to wear dressy or unique outfits that are not seen in our everyday route.

Let’s try and focus on expressing ourselves in a way that is comfortable, yet stylish. Most people are quick to choose the basic black clothing. Though you can never go wrong with a cute black dress, try adding on some red lipstick or a nice chunky necklace to make your outfit pop. This can offer a classy but spontaneous look to your style that can’t help but turn heads.

It’s now October and that means colder nights. Another alternative you may want to consider is to wear a long-sleeved dress or skirt with a shirt and sweater layered on top, with the finishing touch of closed-toe shoes or boots.

Got your outfit figured out? Now’s your chance to show it off! CMU University Theatre presents: Never in My Lifetime on Oct. 4 in Bush Theater at 7:30 p.m.