What To Wear Here: Finals week

What can you possibly wear for finals that is both stylish and comfortable, while you’re trying to ace all them all? Here are some tips to consider when deciding on what to wear and still have time to study.

Girls: No pajamas or sweats; the key is to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you want to crawl back into your bed. Something too tight and uncomfortable isn’t the greatest choice if you want your day to go smoothly. Try some yoga pants, leggings or jeggings; they give off a look of self-confidence, instead of looking like you just got out of bed five minutes ago.

As for tops, think of layers, like a long sleeve with a zip up hoodie or cardigan on top, so you’ll be prepared for whatever temperature the room may be in. You don’t want to take away any attention you have on your exam because you’re too hot or too cold.

As for accessories, nothing that clings, or shines. Long necklaces are not a good idea, especially if it will be all over your paper. Multiple bracelets are cute with any outfit, but loud when they hit a desk. Try not to cause so much noise; you’re not the only one taking the test. Good accessories to consider are earrings, they’re not destructing and just the right type of earring will help bring out your outfit.

As for shoes, you can never go wrong with boots.
Boys: You don’t get a pass on pajamas or sweats either. You may have been having a late night study session with your friends, but try to not look like you’re preparing to go to bed. Wearing fresh, clean, “real” clothes is a good strategy because it allows you to feel awake and concentrate on the test, instead of making you feel like you just want to sleep on the desk.

For bottoms, wear nice fitting boot cut jeans. Skinny jeans may not be good for sitting down for almost an hour. Comfort is the goal.

To complement the jeans, put on a crew neck or a flannel.

The shoes should be simple and comfortable, like boots or your favorite pair of gym shoes.

Plan ahead and pick your outfit the night before. It will give you less to think about in the morning. Stick with the same type of clothing, something that you will always be comfortable and motivated in.