What’s your M.A.J.O.R. ?

First high school students filled out college applications, then took the entrance exams, got accepted to Central Michigan University, graduated from high school and now are faced with the daunting task of figuring out what career path they want to take.

A lot of students come to college unsure of what major to pursue. Many Advisors Joined under One Roof, also known as M.A.J.O.R Night, helped Central students see what majors are offered and gave them information to hopefully make that monumental decision easier.

Tables lined the walls of the University Center Rotunda Thursday night representing each department and advisors stood near the table to answer questions as students moved freely throughout the room to talk with the advisors and faculty.

“M.A.J.O.R Night is a one-stop shopping for majors,” Assistant Academic Advisor Lynne L’Hommedieu said.

It’s a night where students can voice their concerns and ask questions to advisors. It’s the only time of the year where all advisors are conveniently located in one place at one time.

L’Hommedieu said most students who attend M.A.J.O.R Night are freshman and sophomores looking for assistance in selecting a major, but all students are welcome to attend.

Representatives from Career Services, Minority Student Services, and study abroad were also present at the event.

A new service to Central is Student Success Coaching. Student success coaches have graduated from a university and work full-time helping students with study habits, major selection, time management, campus involvement, academic resources and financial planning. Some of the coaches attended the event to offer their advice.

“We help students figure out their problems and concerns in all aspects of their life at Central,” Success Coach Brock Sieb said. “So far we have helped most students with academic concerns.”

Student success coaches can be found in the Towers Success Center, Troutman Hall and the South Success Center.

Allison Putnam, a social work faculty member and advisor, said most students ask her what social workers do and what they can do with a major in social work.

“From an instructor’s point of view, talking to an advisor keeps students on track and in sequence with their schedules and classes,” Putnam said.

Freshman Amanda Brooks is undecided on a major, but said she is interested in pre-law and education.

“I came to M.A.J.O.R Night to see what it’s all about, and I’m finding it really helpful,” Brooke said.

Central students are expected to sign a major after they have taken 56 credit hours. M.A.J.O.R Night takes place every year in October to assist students in their decision making process, so by the time they reach 56 credit hours they can confidently sign their major.