Why Winter Isn’t So Bad After All

It seems that winter is detested by most Chippewas and this is more than understandable, given the brutality of past winters we have had here in a town whose name promises pleasantness.

Thinking about the downright uncomfortable and unfavorable nature of always being cold, saying goodbye to sunlight and having to pay so much more money for utilities is enough to send chills up your spine. The season’s bitter chill slams us, bearing many undesirable aspects with it.

However, something should be said about all the enjoyable aspects of winter.

Yes, they do exist.

It’s time to highlight a few reasons why winter isn’t so bad and how to look on the bright side of the snow flakes.

Warm and Cozies

My favorite aspect of winter is breaking out a whole new wardrobe or finding ways to transform summer and spring clothing into warm and cozy winter ensembles.

A “new” wardrobe composed of comfortable clothing to bundle up in is just what everyone needs to fully enjoy winter.

Some of my favorite pieces to transform include skirts, dresses and leggings. I have a couple pairs of plain, black leggings to wear under my more stylish leggings for cold weather. This allows me to be comfortable and warm, all the while still being my stylish self.

A similar addition allows me to wear my dresses and skirts – tights! Skirts are my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, so wearing tights helps keep my legs warm so I can continue to wear what I love.

With that said, adding layers to your favorite spring and summer pieces will keep you donning your favorite outfits this winter.

Cuddle Weather

Think about it – the cold and frigid temperatures and whipping winter wind are perfect for cuddling, relaxing with friends and spending quality time with Netflix.

This cold weather is perfect for spending time with that special someone. I happen to know that some of the greatest dates are those spent indoors, relaxing in a warm atmosphere and not having to go anywhere at all. Relaxing dates are perfect for the slow-paced season.

For all the single folks out there, winter weather is just as perfect for us.

Relaxing with friends or doing our solo thing is even sweeter with cold weather, hot chocolate, loud laughs and being inside. My friends and I love to have movie night sleepovers. This is a great way to watch some of your favorite chick flicks and have a relaxing night at home with the gals.

But when you believe your time is best spent alone – because sometimes I do – a great way to spend that time is with your favorite things. No matter how you spend your personal downtime, settle in on a winter night with your favorite indoor hobbies to have an enjoyable evening to yourself.

True Beauty

It has been said many times – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Maybe that is true, however, we should all take a second to behold the beauty of Mount Pleasant draped in snow. A fresh snow fall is absolutely beautiful and when it covers the already scenic Mount Pleasant, it can be breathtaking.

There are so many places on campus that look especially beautiful after fresh snowfall, such as the Fabiano Botanical Garden.

Surviving the Season

There are many other reasons to find pleasure in the season and ways to enjoy it. After all, we are in Michigan – we cannot avoid snow.

The best thing to do is pay attention to the positive aspects of winter. It may be the coldest season within the calendar year, but if you try, you could make it your most enjoyable season yet.