Wiz Khalifa delivers rap’s standout release of the year so far with “Kush and Orange Juice”

Last week while working at my internship, I saw #Kushandorangejuice as one of the trending topics on twitter, I was curious.

Not exactly, something I could inquire about at work.

Leaving the Drake concert that night I heard someone say, “I am going to go listen to that Kush and Orange Juice.”

Immediately when I got home, I logged onto Livemixtapes.com to find Wiz Khalifa had released a new mixtape.

In the past Khalifa’s releases have been solid but never something you could sit and listen to beginning to end.

Khalifa addressed those problems with a mixtape that sounds more like an album.

“Memorized” sets the tone for the mixtape. The old school style production will remind listeners of the classic tracks of the early to mid 90s.

Khalifa’s rapping abilities are far more consistent from the beginning; it is easy to notice that he has taken time to craft his art by studying others but maintaining his own unique style.

“We’re Done” establishes Khalifa’s credentials to be sell records.

The crossover beat with female pop vocals in the background would be eaten up by the radio.

Other spotlights on the mixtape include “Spotlight,” “Kid Frankie” and “Good Dank.”

“Spotlight” once again displays Khalifa’s producer’s abilities to reach in the vault of their minds and compose some classic production.

The soft horns accompanied by the synthesizer soaring in the background just screams summer, car windows down and late nights.

Khalifa’s hooks for every song are well executed but on “Kid Frankie” he absolutely makes Loose End’s 80s hit “Hangin’ on String” his own.
“While you talking it, I’m out here living it,” Khalifa raps over the R&B beat.

“Good Dank” is another display of Khalifa’s ability rapping and hook writing.

“Louis cover my eyes, not those $100 Ray Bans, fam these 675,” Khalifa raps over the electric guitar and bass driven song.

The mixtape is solid beginning to end Honestly Khlaifa, has now taken over as the #1 freshmen of 2010.

Khalifa has caught the attention of many who will be watching to see what the Pittsburgh native does during his reign.

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Gang Music


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