3 Easy Ways to Fire Up Your Makeup

Story and photos by Addison Fox

Football season is in full swing! Follow these tips to show your school pride loud and proud on your face:

  1. Maroon and Gold eye shadow – To achieve this look, you will need concealer, a nude eye shadow, a matte maroon shadow, and a sparkly gold shadow. First, apply the concealer as a base. Gradually work the maroon shadow into the crease of your eye, using the nude shade to help blend the edges. Finish with sparkly gold on the lid to make your eyes pop! Complete the look with a flick of eyeliner and some mascara. 
  2. Bold look- Combine a gold highlight with a matte maroon lip. To recreate this look, mist your face with setting spray to create a tacky base. While still wet, apply a gold eye shadow or highlighter to the cheekbones. For the lips, apply a matte maroon lipstick. Keep the eyes simple to keep the focus on the lips and highlight.
  3. Loud and Proud – For those who want to go all out, this look is for you! Start by following your normal foundation routine. Afterwards, begin to outline small circles in eyeliner above and below your eyes in the pattern shown below. Next, take a pencil eye shadow brush and carefully fill in the circles with maroon and gold eye shadow or face paint. Go over the eyeliner circles one last time to fix any mistakes, and you’re ready to fire up!