Best and Worst: 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

Football (along with apple pie and beer, of course) is one of the great American pastimes. It’s no wonder, then, that the whole country drops what it’s doing to watch the Super Bowl each year. There’s the junky snacks, the unbridled competition, the half-time show and of course, the famous commercials.

From heartbreaking to hilarious, they’re all there. Here are some of the best commercials from this year’s Super Bowl.

The Best

  1. The Budweiser Puppy is back once again to tug on our heart strings. You’d think the horse and puppy duo would get old, but the commercial still holds its charm.
  2. Like a Girl” by Always portrayed a powerful message without depressing us (ahem, NFL commercials). The ad received positive Twitter feedback, with the hashtag #LikeaGirl being tweeted by a lot of users.
  3. Real Life Pac-Man” by Bud Light was also especially popular, entertaining viewers with a life-sized game coin and Pac-Man maze.

The Worst

  1. Nationwide single-handedly managed to dampen the mood at every party around the nation with an ad starring a child who told audiences everything he would’ve done, had he not died. Nice move, Nationwide.
  2. T-Mobile did an ad with Kim Kardashian-West, and she might have even believed it wasn’t a joke. Only a very little amount of Kardashian humor is amusing, and this joke fell flat.
  3. Go Daddy is usually known for a pushing-the-boundary commercial every Super Bowl, but this year’s was just plain boring.
  4. Jeep’s “Beautiful Lands” commercial was touching, but unoriginal – set to “This is Your Land.” C+ for you, Jeep.
  5. Carnival put everyone to sleep with a commercial that seemed only to advertise the ocean. I thought that was free.

The Weird

  1. Fiat pushed the limits this year with their ad that included an older man entertaining a lady friend. He attempts to throw back a pill and misses his mouth, sending the little blue pill flying around the town until it lands in the tank of a little red car. Naughty, Fiat.
  2. Settle It” by Skittles added to the strange. Set in a town full of people who must apparently battle for every Skittle, they all have one insanely humongous arm.
  3. And finally, Loctite Glue may have just scarred us all with their funky jingle.

Honorable Mention

Liam Neeson made Clash of Clans‘ commercial extra hilarious.