CMU Streams New Musical “Semantics” Written By Alumna

Story by Hallie Neller

Thursday, the Central Michigan University Theatre  performed its
first life stream of “Semantics.”

“Semantics” is a two-act musical that follows Ruby (Olivia
Randall), a young, impoverished poet, Olive (Marie Boyd), a
spoiled, lonely musician and August (Michael Richards), a
brooding busker and Ruby’s best friend.

These three main characters navigate friendship and familial grief all the while discovering the nuance with which the people they love express what’s needed to heal.

The book, lyrics and music were written by Claire Catherine Dettloff, a 2020 graduate of CMU.

The live performance was a success with no technical issues, and the performers’ voices carrying through the mic as clear as if you attended in person.

If you missed Thursday’s performance, you can buy tickets at for Saturday’s 7:30 p.m. showing and Sunday’s 2 p.m. matinee showing.

Tickets are $5 for one person or $10 for a group.