CMU Students Share Midterm Horror Stories

Story by Clarissa Kell


Midterms, aka, a time of studying and despair. Grand Central asked current and past Central Michigan University students about their own midterm horror stories.

“When I was at community college, a friend of mine got a blockage in her eye and she couldn’t see in it, so I spent the day in Lansing. I missed one of my Midterm exams and I had to wait two to three weeks for the hospital to send me a letter saying I was there. I had to get this note otherwise I would have failed the class. My friend is still blind in that eye.” – Taylor Turnbull, Rockford Senior.

“There was one time that I was staying at a friends house and I had a Midterm the next day. I thought I was going to just wing it but it was an oral exam about a book we were supposed to read. I listened to the people before me and tried to summarize what they had said, but it turned out we were all assigned different books so I gave a summary of the completely wrong book.” – Billy Trahan, Houghton Lake, Alumnus.

“I am in Engineering Statics 251 right now with Dr. Chen and at the beginning of the year he told us that the average percentage on his exams were 40 percent. So I thought, well this is good. So I studied for like two weeks straight for this class, like every break I had I studied. I got up at 6 in the morning and studied in the morning before classes. Haven’t gotten it back yet but I am pretty sure I failed it. So that was pretty horrible.” – Hannah White, Midland Sophomore.

“Chemistry 131, first semester of gen chemistry and my first semester here. I had a lab, it was one of my chem labs that I had prepared for, for two weeks straight. I went to the SI sessions, I studied with classmates. Totally thought I was going to knock it out of the park, I thought I knew what I was doing and I did not. I got a D- on it. That was devastating.” – Emma Leech, Spring Lake Sophomore.