The Best Places to Study, According to Our Editors

Story by Clarissa Kell
Photos by Xavier Mendoza

Central Michigan University’s fall semester is halfway done, which means Midterms are here. Week eight is usually filled with studying and cramming for that big Midterm exam that almost every professor on campus gives out. With all the studying you’re about to do, Grand Central’s editorial staff compiled a list of their favorite places to study and why.

The University Center

“You can always catch me studying in the UC. I usually like to study with friends so I go there because there is a lot of background noise, great environment, and mostly importantly- Starbucks.” – Hailee Kaske, Style and Beauty Editor.

The Student Involvement Center

“I always like to study at the SIC because most people try to find a spot in the UC upstairs but downstairs at the Student Involvement Center is chill, there are high chairs, and the outlet is on the table.” – Xavier Mendoza, Photo Editor.

The Library

“I head to the library when I need to study. I would much rather be in my apartment or a coffee shop, but I can only fully focus in a quiet place, free of distractions.” – Catherine Pace, Director of Public Relations.

The Copeland Suite

“I just recently started going to the Copeland Suite on the second floor of the library to study and work on homework. Its quiet enough to focus, but you are still able to work on group work if you need too. Plus the atmosphere/décor is very relaxing and modern; I really like the feel of it.”  – Marina Pasqualone, Video Editor.

The Education and Human Services building

“Second floor EHS with the treadmill desk is where it’s at!! I love being able to walk and get my steps in while reading and doing homework on my laptop. The view of campus is also great.” – Jordan Price, Copy Editor.

Coffee Shops

“If I have to study I usually go to a coffee shop like Narrativality, or Twelve17. I like being able to drink coffee and eat something while I’m not in a completely quiet area.” – Devon Rademacher, Managing Editor.