PRSSA Teams Up with Cultur’s Magazine to Amplify Voices

Story by Samantha Bitterman & Photos by PRSSA

At Central Michigan University, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is making powerful partnerships to amplify diverse voices on campus.

Jolie Chene, President of PRSSA, is at the focus of efforts to bring the mission of Cultur’s Magazine to campus. In an exclusive interview, Chene provided insight into her role, PRSSA’s collaboration with Cultur’s, and the impacts they’ve made within the international student community.

Cultur’s, a global multicultural lifestyle network, uses various media to promote 21st-century cultural diversity. Cultur’s focuses on individuals navigating in-between cultures, including people of color, immigrants, refugees, and Third Culture Kids. They amplify the voices of underserved populations, Cultur’s embraces in-between identities at the crossroads of social justice, geographic mobility, and multicultural experiences.

Chene’s leadership role extends to overseeing a team of 10 executive staff members and coordinating various projects aimed at bringing Cultur’s message to CMU’s diverse student body. Her involvement with Cultur’s comes from a desire to bridge cultural gaps and provide support to CMU’s international student population.

“Our motivation to join Cultur’s and promote their mission came after meeting representatives from Cultur’s Magazine during our ICON conference in Nashville,” Chene explained. “We loved their passion for the mission and the idea of bringing it to CMU’s campus for our large population of international students.”

Photo by PRSSA

As student ambassadors for Cultur’s, PRSSA’s objective is clear: to introduce Cultur’s mission and resources to CMU’s campus and its target audience. This involves conducting interviews and workshops to shed light on issues such as cultural transitions and third-culture identity.

Through their collaboration with Cultur’s, PRSSA has assisted with the progress of impactful moments for international students. “We’ve had the chance to interview many international students and professors, hearing their stories about transitioning cultures and culture shock,” Chene shared. “We did one on one interviews as well as a workshop with the International Student Organization (ISO) to hear their stories. These interactions have provided a platform for them to share their experiences and feel heard within their journey.”

PRSSA’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. They’ve successfully raised awareness of Cultur’s mission and provided support to multicultural individuals. “Our goal is to impact third-culture individuals positively, and I believe we’ve succeeded in sharing their stories and providing new resources,” Chene affirmed.

Photo by PRSSA

Embracing in-between identities has been central to PRSSA’s approach. By sharing stories of third-culture experiences, they’ve helped individuals feel less isolated in their cultural journey. 

Looking towards the future, PRSSA’s involvement with Cultur’s remains uncertain. “As of now, we do not know what the future connection with Culturs will be,” Chene stated. However, they hope to maintain contact with individuals interviewed and connected with on campus, fostering a lasting impact.

Despite uncertainties, PRSSA is determined to continue spreading Culturs’ mission and sharing more international student stories to make students feel more connected. 

Photo by PRSSA

Reflecting on their collaboration, Chene expressed gratitude for the experience with Cultur’s. “We’ve gained valuable insights into our peers’ experiences, both in their home countries and at CMU,” she said. “Our hope is that by sharing these experiences, we’ve helped cultivate a sense of belonging for those who come from in-between cultures.”

With their dedication to fostering inclusivity and understanding, PRSSA’s partnership with Cultur’s magazine continues to make strides in creating a more connected and compassionate campus community at CMU.