The Story Behind the Sticker

Story by Raquel Mance
Photos by Xavier Mendoza

There are many things that set students apart, one of them being how they accessorize their belongings.

A popular trend circulating Central Michigan University’s campus is laptop stickers. This fun and decorative trend not only sets people apart, but it also showcases the little things that mean everything. Grand Central scoped out the coolest laptop stickers around campus.

“This sticker just reminds me of her (sister) and our love for Harry Potter,” Lindsay Mclaughlin said, a sophomore.

“I use stickers to tell about myself and to advocate for issues I’m passionate about.” said Madison Rodriguez- Eberth, senior.

“My stickers are just all my favorite things.” Shelby Petersen said, a senior.

“Basically, I try to get free stickers because I’m broke,” Danielle Dittman said, a junior.

“Most of my stickers are Michigan clothing brands or are from places I’ve visited…like this one I got this past summer at Tahquamenon Falls,” said Shelby Hastings, a junior.