Fashion Abroad: Explore Hong Kong Beauty with CMU Student

Story and Photos by Grace Bolthouse 

Videography by Michael Wolf

As a Central Michigan University student abroad, I have the opportunity to explore the style varieties in Hong Kong. It has been a blast to see the many similarities and unique twists to weave into your everyday style. Welcome to the world of Hong Kong fashion.

Look 1: Glam On the Go

Pick a busy, printed block tee & tuck into your favorite plain or weathered jean skirt. Maybe even a leather skirt, if you are feeling edgy. Throw on a pair of sneakers or combat boots to create a girly, but versatile look. This will get you through classes, but also the walks through the Subway station, around the city, and more.

Look 2: Comfort

Popular even more so in Hong Kong than the States, pocket & print tees are a classic to your wardrobe. Liven the look with pull-on trousers. Bonus points if they tie with a bow. Not sure if you’ll need another layer? Grab your favorite lightweight trench to complete the look. Not only do you look like you are about to walk a runway, but the jacket works great to shield sun or rain, given the uncertain conditions of Hong Kong weather.

Look 3: A Twist on the T-Shirt Dress

We all know (and love!) the comfort of a t-shirt dress. Turns out this love is shared with people from Hong Kong too. Step up the detail and you are ready to walk out the door. Pair with a classic ball cap or headband because the heat never stops in Hong Kong. Finally, dazzle in Adidas Stan Smiths, a go-to for campus fashionistas.

Look 4: Layered & Lovely

Upgrade your tank top or sleeveless dress by sliding a plain tee on underneath. Advance this outfit with different colors, textiles, and lengths. Dress up head to toe with a timeless slide loafer/mule. Then, grab your favorite sunnies and the look is complete.

Alongside with learning fashion trends while away at Hong Kong, I have learned beauty trends I am going to bring back to the United States. Here’s a couple tips that my experiences in the beauty world of Hong Kong have shown me.

  1. Less is more. Simple make looks work well in this culture and climate. Natural and light looks are very prevalent here. While popular items such as concealer, mascara, and more are still popular, less emphasis is placed on items like eye liner.
  2. Skin care is key. Ever wonder why people in Asia often have such great skin? Because they take fantastic care of it. Staying out of the hot sun here is a huge part of that as well. A common skin care product known and loved in Hong Kong is cleansing lotion and toner. Clear and clean skin is an absolute must.
  3. Pinks are perfect. When it comes to eyes, lips, and cheeks, pink and purple tones are by far the favorite.
  4. Blush is a girl’s best friend. While contour is huge in the United States, definition seems to come most from blush in Asia.
  5. Don’t you dare forget your lips, no matter what. Lipstick is very popular in Hong Kong, especially in shades of pink and red.