CMU Students Talk About Adjusting to Freshman Year

Story by Krystal Black
Photos by Jana Libette

The feeling of putting everything you’ve known, learned and owned for 18 years into boxes and then moving out of your parents’ home can be scary. If you’re reading this, then you’ve been through it – the freedom, the anxiety, the nerves, the joy, the bittersweet feeling of ending one chapter and beginning another. That’s freshman year of college.

Getting Acclimated to Life at CMU
Every freshman feels something different once they’ve made it through a week of classes and even a semester.

Freshman Jenna Wilson says that she had expected classes to be much harder.

“Everyone made them out to be terrible, so when I got through them myself I realized they were easier,” Wilson said.

Freshman Bria Brown agreed the workload wasn’t too bad.

“College is only as hard as you make it, so I make it work for me!” Brown said.

First-Year Fears, and How to Deal
We all know that classes aren’t the only thing that make up college, let alone learning the ways around freshman year.

Brown said that her fears arriving to school were about failing academically and getting overwhelmed.

“This is such a cliché, but my planner has been such a blessing. I plan out my week every Sunday, and it makes everything better.”

Aside from learning how to plan, many freshman have to learn to deal with their new freedom.

Luckily for Wilson, her parents had already helped her learn to deal with the freedom while she was growing up without her ever realizing it.

“My parents made me do my own laundry, buy things on my own, do my own dishes and more, so when I got to college I knew how to go to bed and wake up at a reasonable time. Responsibility was instilled in me,” Wilson remembered.

Even if you had to learn to plan or if you already had the skills to succeed, it’s always nice to have someone in your corner during this crazy new chapter of life.

Brown says that her mom helped her financially as well as finding an adult on campus to talk to.

College as a True Learning Experience
At the start of the new semester both girls realized that there are still changes they can make to their personal endeavors.  

Brown adds to this same struggle saying, “time management is still a struggle, along with not sleeping the whole day, and forcing myself to get work done.”

Both girls had advice for other freshman looking for changes this semester.

Wilson took from her own experience of not meeting people right away explaining, “I didn’t try to meet people, so leave your door open while you’re there or walk up and down the hall and try to meet people.” Brown added to this advice by saying, “take your academics seriously, but it’s also important to make sure to enjoy college too!”

No matter how you adjusted or even if you are still readjusting, there is still time left to make some changes. Find people, ask for help and do what you love, and this year will surely go your way.