Consider quirky, innovative fashion for your holiday gifts

Fashion that is both stylish and functional gives wearers the best of both worlds. These innovative accessories would make great holiday gifts for both a loved one, and even yourself.


Heels to flats: The time of carting around multiple pairs of shoes has finally come to an end. Designer Sheena Young created a high-heeled shoe that has a flat inside. We can wear heels while at work or while at a party, and simply slip out of the heel and wear the flats home.

Agloves: With winter rapidly approaching, the time for gloves is upon us. Unfortunately, wearing gloves and texting, especially on a touch screen phone, don’t mix well. Luckily the Aglove solves this problem. Made with silver-coated nylon fibers that won’t scratch your screen or deteriorate after a few wears, these gloves are perfect for everyday use.

Agloves can be purchased from sites like and





Pull-tab Handbags: Kill two birds with one stone with a pull-tab handbag. Both stylish and ecofriendly, these handbags, made from recycled aluminum pop-tops, are unique and give off a classic yet futuristic vibe. Available in different styles and colors, a pull-tab handbag is a creative way to enhance and showcase your personal style.

Pull-tab handbags can be purchased online, from sites such as






LEGO Sunglasses: Everyone’s beloved childhood toy has made a comeback into the fashion world.

Unleash your playful side with a pair of your own LEGO sunglasses. You can express yourself and make your own fashion statement by creating your own designs using actual legos on the sides.





All of these fashion innovations are ways to create your personal style and express yourself.  They allow you to take risks in the fashion world and break away from the norms of everyday life. Find other interesting fashion innovations online, in the world around you, or create your own to inspire others.


Photo credit: Google images