Don’t blow your cover: A man’s take on what you should wear on your head

Hats are awesome. As guys, we wear them every chance we get. Whether it’s running out the door for a morning jog or getting one to balance perfectly on your head before your wedding, a hat can complete an outfit.

There are a lot of different types of hats, so there is no way to say one kind is better than the other. But what are we as college-aged males “supposed” to do when it comes to our headgear? Here are a few safe bets:


The new kid on the block, or is it? Snapbacks were in style back in the ’90s and dudes all over were rocking them simply because that’s just how men’s hats were made. After a decade on hiatus, the style has snapped-back into action and you can find them on any college campus across America. They are durable, adjustable and usually cheaper then other types of hats. You have to have at least one of these.

Fitted hats

Old reliable. The baseball player look; as long as it is worn in the appropriate situation, is your headwear ace in the whole. The classic Old English D (for the Detroit Tigers) and the interlocking N and Y (for the New York Yankees) are sure to complete a polo-jeans combo. These can be expensive, but when you have one, you’ll never want anything bad to happen to it.

Cowboy hats

A look that takes great skill and maybe even a little luck to pull off. You don’t have to have a big truck or be from sweet South Carolina to rock one of these bad boys, but you need the attitude with this hat more than any other. The rest of your outfit has to play the part as well. Cowboy hats are so glaring, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb (especially in Michigan), so be prepared to be “the cowboy hat guy.”


OK, let’s address this and move on. These are the hats of choice for hipsters everywhere. These tend to be a fall/winter/early spring trend.  Not a favorite style for the majority. They make your head hot and any chance of showing your hair for the rest of the day goes out the window. Choose this option with caution. Having some skinny jeans handy wouldn’t hurt, either.

The right hat can complete any man’s outfit. Always remember it’s not so much the hat you are wearing, but the way you wear it. Forward, backward or however. Use good judgment and your outfit will be enhanced like you never imagined.