Make or Buy: Flapper Edition

It seems like every Halloween that girls are seen dressed as flappers from the 1920s. It’s such a classic costume that it’s no wonder so many gravitate towards it each year.

But is it worth buying a brand new flapper costume or going to thrift shops looking for deals?

Making this particular costume is quite cheap; only $12.44! But depending on where you buy it, the brand new costume will range from $20 to $50.

To make it on your own, you will need a sparkly dress that has fringe on it. The dress can be full of sparkles or have hints of sparkle on it. You can find this dress anywhere: your closet, an old dance costume, thrift shops or maybe even your grandmother’s attic. Wherever you find it, it should not cost you more than $5.

Next you will need to find a sparkly elastic headband and a feather. This will be for your headpiece. Make sure these match your dress! Hot glue the feather onto the headband. These items should be fairly cheap as well. The headband should be around $1 and feathers usually come in packs, so it will cost around $3. When you put the headpiece on make sure the feather is on the side.

The last main part you need for your costume is shoes! You should already have these in your closet, so it won’t cost a dime. Just make sure your shoes are high heels (sparkles are never a bad option, either). It can be whatever style you like, but most costumes show the model wearing pumps.

If you would like to add some accessories there are many options. You can wear a long pearl necklace, long gloves that complement the color of your dress and a feather boa. Finding someone who had a dance class when they were younger would be advised because these are staples in just about every young dancer’s career. If you can find someone, you won’t have to pay.

Even though it isn’t as easy as buying a complete costume new, you do save some money making your own flapper costume for Halloween this year.