Every Guy Should Own: A pair of black boots

I’m sure that most of you have noticed the freezing temperatures and the ever-present salt that seems to be permanently embedded in the sidewalks around Central. But for those that have not yet been subjected to the cold, all I can say is you will have to leave the Towers eventually.

Yes, that yearly unpleasantness of snow, ice, and not being able to feel your face is upon us and I am not amused. I personally feel that every guy should own a plane ticket to a warmer state around this time of year, but seeing as few of us are members of the jet set and classes don’t stop for beach vacations, I suppose a sturdy pair of black boots will have to do.

Walking around campus I can’t help but notice that many guys seem to be lacking in the shoe department when it comes to this harsh weather. I’ve seen boat shoes, sneakers, work boots, and even a pair of sandals with socks (don’t get me started), but no simple and classic black boots.

And all I can think is “why?”

I’m not sure if it’s the cold weather messing with guys’ brains or if the young men of Michigan are simply allergic to this classic staple, but this atrocity has to stop, because we cannot afford to play games with fashion in this cold weather.

Investing a pair of black boots is worth your while. I can almost guarantee it will go with everything you own (barring that everything you own is brown of course). This staple is great for casual and formal events and serves a practical purpose as well; the right pair will keep your feet warm, no matter what. I know that same can be said for work boots, which seem to be a “thing” amongst guys now, but I strongly recommend that you consider investing in a pair of black boots instead—namely because work boots go with nothing, are bulky and unbecoming, and they are not meant to be worn fashionably.

They are called work boots for a reason—people who work outside wear them.

Do you work outside? No, get those things out of my sight.

Now that I have established my position on those monstrosities, and hopefully scared whatever part of you kind of wanted to buy them, let me tell you some more about the benefits of the black boot.

Not only does a black boot go with everything, it transforms an outfit. Purchasing a pair in the combat style adds an edge to your loo;, chuckkas give you a fashionable twist, and so on. I recommend looking for a pair with waterproofing materials or leather that will keep your feet dry—as that is a large concern when buying snow boots. I also encourage you to splurge on a nicer pair—as I said before these boots are a staple in men’s fashion—you can wear them forever.

Finally, keep in mind that these boots should not be too flashy, many designers have been showing black boots with embellishment and eye popping features, but I personally believe this characteristic is a fad. There is no need to buy a pair that draws too much attention, keep it simple and keep it comfortable.


Photo Credit: Will Boleman