Every Guy Should Own: Some fashion fearlessness

Someone once told me that guys don’t have it nearly as hard as girls when it comes to fashion, and we can just throw on a button up and some pants, and boom- we look great.

Well, whoever said that has clearly never been a poor college student struggling to look mildly acceptable in public, much less fashionable.

I don’t know if it’s the cold, or the snow, or just that sinking realization that we actually have to study again, but all I see when I walk around campus is bland outfit after bland outfit.

This has to stop.

A huge part of developing a sense of style is the taking risks, and the only risks I’ve seen any guys take lately is walking through the slush in cloth shoes—that’s just stupid.

Guys, leave the sweatpants and the T-shirts at home. It’s about time that you stopped with the rolled-out-of-bed look and try to be taken seriously. Take a risk with your winter wardrobe. Do something unexpected.

For men, risks in apparel often come in two forms; color and cut.

Most guys are pretty terrified of anything with bright colors—they think it looks too flamboyant and garish—which I understand, to a point. Don’t be afraid of something just because it looks a little bright; you could probably use a piece like that to lighten up your wardrobe. My personal preferences when it comes to unexpected colors are tones that are more muted. Neon is over. I search for shades like salmon and mint; uncommon but not too loud. Look for pieces in unexpected colors that are classic cuts and fits, that way they don’t seem too foreign and are easier to incorporate into your everyday style. Also, be sure to pair these pieces with neutral tones; you want to have some color, not be colorful.

Another feat for most men is nontraditional cut clothing. Whether that means a wider scoop at the neck of a T-shirt or a pair of pants that fit a little tighter than you’re used to, these things send most men running away in fear, sometimes rightfully so.  Don’t get me wrong I love an unexpected cut on a T-shirt, but some are a little too far. However, if you trust yourself to distinguish between stylish and unreasonable, then you should have no problem picking out cuts that work for you. I am personally drawn to cuts that run longer or things that are oversized when it comes to shirts and I tend to go for more fitted pants.

Finding these items aren’t always easy and sometimes require a little bit of research. I recommend looking places like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. They tend to stock reliable pieces that offer flattering cuts.

Stop just getting by with bland colors and boring staple pieces, add a little flare to your wardrobe with some color and fun cuts and your entire image can be revitalized from drab to dapper in just a few purchases.