GCM Internship Guide

“There are a lot of internships out there if you take the time to look,” Student Internship Coordinator of Career Services Teisha Thelen said.

An internship is a way for students to gain experience and knowledge in their desired field by working with professionals and applying skills learned in the classroom. Once students have searched and found the right internship, it may lead to a full-time job.

“Internships are like long interviews,” Thelen said. “At the end of the internship you can be hired if the organization approves of the work you’ve done for them.”

In order for students to obtain an internship they must go through the search process. Career Services advises students to contact academic departments directly for specific instructions about internship requirements for graduation.

There are many online resources available to students that can help them in their search:

The general internship listing site
Michigan Collegiate Job Fair
E-recruiting on Experience
Intern In Michigan
Central Career Services internship info.

“Don’t be choosey in applying for internships, but be choosey in picking which one you actually want to work for,” Thelen said.

Once students have found an internship that interests them they should apply by sending their resume, cover letter and work samples. Thelen suggests contacting the organization to ask what exactly they want to see.

Internship fairs give students the opportunity to network with industry professionals and a greater chance of getting an internship. Senior and Public Relations major, Deidre Sayles, helped plan the Integrative Public Relations Internship Fair. She said at an internship fair students should expect to meet professionals who are looking for prospective interns.

“I’ve attended the IPR and Journalism Internship Fair every year. It’s extremely beneficial because of the rapport that is built when speaking to professionals,” Sayles said. “It also allowed me the opportunity to display the work I’ve done in my courses.”

Students should bring multiple copies of their resume to an internship fair. They are encouraged to bring a portfolio of their work as well. Sayles suggests that men and women wear business professional attire.

“Khakis and Polo shirts are accepted, but nice slacks and button-ups are preferred with nice shoes,” Sayles said.

After students have obtained an internship they should expect to network and gain valuable experiences that help to build their resume and open career opportunities.