Holiday Makeup Must-Haves

Thanksgiving often means family, friends, memories and a lot of good food that you’ll be shoveling –oops, we mean eating– all day long.

So what makeup should you don that will stay fresh through turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie? To make sure your makeup endures this holiday season, try these helpful tips.

First, when applying your foundation, start off by moisturizing your face, keeping the most moisture away from your T-zone. The moisture will act as a primer that will ensure your foundation stays on longer. Even if you have a primer, this will work just as a well.

Next, using a cheek and lip stain, like Benefit’s Benetint, apply a little on the apples of your cheeks and your lips and blend. If you don’t already own Benetint, try using a regular lip stain or balm. A fall burgundy lip stain will add a holiday feel to your look.

Apply a little foundation on your eyelids to act as an eye shadow primer. A bronze color will look effortless and natural all over the lids. To add some drama, use a burgundy or dark brown eyeshadow in the crease and blend.

To prevent raccoon eyes, avoid the use of black or brown eyeliner, especially if you plan on helping in the kitchen. Instead, apply white eyeliner on the waterline of your eye to make you appear more awake and concentrate waterproof mascara toward the roots of your eyelashes.

If you prefer a dramatic look to a natural one, any of these steps can be altered to taste. The most important thing we can stress for your holiday look: Make sure to use balance. If you choose a bold lip color, keep the eyes neutral and vice versa.